Monday, 3 June 2013

Frog Fest!

Dear Grade 2/3 Parents,

On Friday afternoon, the Grade 2's were able to make a trip to Heartland Forest for Frog Fest! We learned many things about amphibians and got to see them in their natural habitat. We were so excited to see and learn everything- what a great day! Here are some pictures from our experience :)

Time to learn all about amphibians!

We talked about rabbit and beaver pelts and how their fur helps protect them from the weather!

Frogs are cool, but check out the size of a Chinese Giant Salamander :)

After learning about beavers, we checked out an area where they might build a dam to stop water from flowing, and make shelter for themselves.

Get to work you busy little Grade 2 beavers, and make your own dam!

Look at how we were able to build our own dam out of clay and sticks, and we even stopped the water!!

What a better way to end the day than to take a ride on the train!

What a great day at Heartland forest!! :)

Have a great day,
Mrs. DaCosta :)

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Sky's the Limit!

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to take an opportunity to share and celebrate with our school board (the DSBN) in a unique collaborative project they recently completed. This project represents an extraordinary opportunity for teachers and students to come together from a variety of schools, with a variety of skills, to achieve success together. The specific goal is to show how education within the DSBN embodies character education while moving student learning forward in a variety of ways.

We embraced the opportunity to bring together technology and the arts to produce music and video. Along the way, many of our students learned about the pieces that work together to make the whole of a music video coming up with a concept, holding auditions, creating story boards, rehearsing parts, and arranging for the lighting, sound, filming, and editing. Two of our students have created a "Making of..." …video, in which they tell the story of the making of The Sky's the Limit.

All of the students in the video are from DSBN, and other responsible for writing the lyrics, producing the video etc. are DSBN graduates that have gone on to pursue their passions as a result of their education with our board!

Here is the link below for our new song called 'Sky's the Limit'. I really think it embodies, not only what the DSBN is about, but our classroom and Burleigh Hill as a whole. Take a look!! :)

Mrs. DaCosta :)

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Summer HEAT

Dear Parents,

Today I sent home a pamphlet for a DSBN program called Summer HEAT. It is free for students going into jk/sk, grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3. I truly believe in this program and the great things that it does for kids- I have even worked there for the past few summers! It runs for 3 weeks in the month of July and is completely FREE! No catch I promise. There is even breakfast and lunch provided for students. All you have to do to sign up, is fill out your information online. I have attached the link below for you! It is a lot of fun, and focuses on literacy so that students can maintain their reading levels from June into the new school year. Please come chat with me or call if you want anymore information on this program. For our students, it will run out of Edith Cavell School in St. Catharines- it fills up quickly!

Thanks for all that you do for your kids,
Mrs. DaCosta :)

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Upcoming events!

Dear Parents,

Tonight your students will be coming home with a biography and a NEW star strategy to go with it! This month we will be working on 'Think Like an Author", which will challenge them to think about big ideas in texts and why they are written.

Who is this text written for- Is it children, adults, people that like animals, people that can help a situation? In the school world, we call that an audience.... and every great author needs one!

What are the authors intentions- is there a reason why this author might have written this story or article? What were they trying to tell or teach the reader?
* Every great reader gets to the heart of these two questions while they are reading to develop a deeper understanding of the text!

Also- we are coming up to the end of the year and there are many exciting things happening! I appreciate the support you provide every day, and thank you for getting your trip money in quickly so that we can get that out of the way and get to the fun stuff! Here are some upcoming dates that you might find important:

Urban/Rural Trip- Monday June 13th
PD Day- Friday May 17th
Fun Fair- Thursday May 23rd
Grade 3 EQAO- Monday May 27th- Friday May 31
K-2 Frog Fest- Friday May 31st
Burleigh Hill Talent Show- Tuesday June18th
African Lion Safari- Tuesday June 25th

Thank you for all that you do!!
Mrs. DaCosta :)

Monday, 25 February 2013

Solids and Liquids!!

Hi Everyone,

Today we were finally able to test our culminating task designs for our solids and liquids unit. Each student created a boat made entirely of solids to see if it would be buoyant on water! When we co-created our success criteria, we decided that our level 3 target was 25 pennies. We had many successful level 3 designs, but only 2 boats that could hold up to 60 pennies each- congrats to those winners!! Take a look at our work below :)

Here are some of our designs:

Now let's test them!!

And the winners with 60 pennies each were.......

Now we can use our co-created success criteria to evaluate them!

You all did such a great job- I'm proud of you!!
Mrs. DaCosta :)

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Upcoming Events!

Hi Grade 2/3's!

This is just a friendly reminder that we have our 100's day celebration next Friday January 8th- don't forget to bring in a collection of 100 items!! We are going to have an afternoon filled with fun numeracy events :) We are also having our literacy celebration assembly next Friday Feb 1st to recognize all of your hard work. I am SO proud of all your hard work, we are improving in our reading and our writing by leaps and bounds!
Hope to see all our parents there :)
Mrs. DaCosta

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Thank you SO much to all of the parents that helped us celebration many holidays and traditions from around the world! Our class learned a lot, and were truly engaged in everything they were learning. Aside from all of that- the food was amazing!! Here are some pictures that highlight many of the celebrations that we learned about :)